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The Dolphin Advocate

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NSU Shepard Broad College of Law, 2L, Juris Doctor Candidate

Major in Animal Science, B.S., University of Florida, Animal Science Major

Minor in Innovation (Member of the University of Florida's Innovation Academy).

President of the Animal Law Club at NSU Shepard Broad College of Law


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Alexander Penalta

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Our firm is designed to take care of our clients at all stages of the legal process. That includes offering pre-suit consultations, negotiations, commencing or responding a claim or lawsuit through trial. 

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Our lawyers are experienced in litigation and claims processing. With over 25 years of experience providing legal services, we will do our very best to protect your legal rights.

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Before joining The Penalta Law Firm, Mr. Penalta began his career in business at Lowrance Electronics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He arrived  at the IBM Boca Raton, Florida Facility in 1981 where IBM introduced the personal computer to the world at the beginning of the era of personal computers. After 18 years with IBM, Mr. Penalta retired as an MES Analyst for IBM's U.S., European and Asian operations. Mr. Penalta is fluent in Spanish and is always available to assist you, should you have any questions regarding your account.

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Director of Business Development/Law Clerk


At The Penalta Law Firm, we understand that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. We are here to assist you throughout every step of the legal process.

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Chief Counsel; FBI Infragard;  Association of Former Intelligence Officers; Professor; Pilot; USCG OUPV Captain and 100 GT Master with Sail Ratings; NHRA Dragster Racing and Ducati Road Racing; Multi-rated Scuba Instructor and CMAS Scientific Diver; USNR Judge Advocate Generals Corps 1990-92, Honorably Discharged with National Defense  Medal.

​​​Advocates for Industry, Businesses and the Community

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  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Licensed and experienced attorneys
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Open communication
  • Accurate assessment of your claim
  • ​​Attention to detail

University of Florida Dept. of Romance Languages

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