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Alexander Penalta, Esquire Chief Litigation Counsel, Juris Doctor Office: (386) 847-5335 CIVIL & CRIMINAL COURT STATE AND FEDERAL LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS Licensed to practice in Florida and Washington, D.C. United States Supreme Court United States Court of International Trade United States Court of Military Appeals United States District Court, Southern and Middle District National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary Supreme Court of Florida Certified Arbitrator Veteran and Minority Business Enterprise, Certified by the State of Florida BUSINESS, EMPLOYMENT, INSURANCE RISK MANAGEMENT & CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FBI Infragard, Orlando Branch Military Officer's Club of Volusia County (MOAA) National Rifle Association Panel Attorney Volusia County Officer’s Club, a division of the Military Officer’s Association, Board of Directors Edgewater Riverfest Business Expo, Inc., Board of Directors & President Florida Hospital Foundation, New Smyrna. Board of Directors, 2017-18 Allen West Foundation Boca Raton Board of Directors, Treasurer Space Coast Women In Defense Melbourne, a national security organization, Board of Directors Florida Bar, Speakers Bureau City of Edgewater, Police Pension Board, Chair AVIATION, DRONES (UAS) & NATIONAL SECURITY Florida Bar, Aviation Law Committee Chair, Volusia County Bar Association, Aviation & National Security Association of Former Intelligence Officers, D.C. and Florida Satellite Chapter Licensed FAA Private Pilot - SEL AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Legal Services Plan Attorney (ERAU) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Former Adjunct Associate Professor ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, AGRICULTURAL & WILDLIFE, MARINE MAMMALS, ZOOS & AQUARIUMS The Cavalry Group, Florida Litigation Counsel, Nationwide before Administrative Law Judges (DOAH) Animal Advocate, Marine Mammal Responder/Rescue Unit and Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Facility of the Florida Keys, USA USDA & FFWC Licensing Actions, Administrative Law & Judicial Animal Legal Civil and Criminal Proceedings State of Florida, (FFWC) Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Member, Bear Stakeholder Group (BSG) of the Central Bear Management Unit Florida Bar, Animal Law Section, Committee Member Co-Chair, Subcommittee of Marine Mammals, Zoological Facilities, and Aquariums for the Wildlife Committee of the Florida Bar, Animal Law Section Co-Chair, Subcommittee of Human-Wildlife Interaction for the Wildlife Committee of the Florida Bar, Animal Law Section Florida Bar, Animal Law Section, Equine Committee Volusia County, Florida Animal Control Advisory Board Volusia County, UF-IFAS Extension, Extension Overall Advisory Committee Member Volusia County, Agri-Business Inter-Relationship Advisory Committee Member Broward County Bar Association, Animal Law Section, Vice-Chair Past member of (IMATA) International Marine Animal Trainers' Association and (IAAM) International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine (WIFT-FL) Women In Film and Television Florida, Member MARINE INDUSTRY, SCIENTIFIC DIVING, AQUATICS & WATERSPORTS United States Naval Academy, OSTS Squadron Training Officer Licensed USCG, U.S. Merchant Marine, Captain & Master 50Ton w/Auxiliary Sail United States Naval Reserve, Judge Advocate Generals Corps, (1990-92), Honorable Discharge, National Defense Medal Recipient Former UF Legal Advisor, Assistant Director/Instructor CMAS, NAUI, YMCA Gold/Silver Star, and UFADP, Academic Scuba Diving Program at the University of Florida, College of Health and Human Performance UF Environmental Department, Scientific Diving Coordinator CMAS Scientific Diver Rated #006 NAUI Master Scuba Diver NAUI Rescue Diver NACD/NSS-CDS Cavern Diver NAUI Wreck Diver (AAUS) American Academy of Underwater Sciences MOTORSPORTS & TRANSPORTATION SAFETY Ferrari Club of America FCA 2017 Daytona International Meet, Vice President of Public Relations for the Southeastern United States Ferrari Club of America Palm Beach Chapter Member Certified BMW CCA Street Survival Instructors, Attorneys and Licensed High Performance Drivers Licensed NHRA Super Comp Dragsters Licensed Ducati Advanced Road Racer 2005 VIP Pre Race Track Driver, S2ki and Honda of North America at St. Pete (IRL) Indy Grand Prix PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DESIGNATED E-MAILS FOR SERVICE IN COMPLIANCE WITH RULE 2.516 Primary: Secondary: The Penalta Law Firm's ANIMAL ENTERPRISE DIVISION provides legal representation in compliance matters and sustainable management practices, Animal Husbandry, Food and Agriculture, F.S. 767 and ADA Canine Disability, Cattle, F.S. 828 Animal Related Crimes, F.S. 474 Veterinary Practice, USDA & FFWC Licensing Investigations and Actions, Administrative Law, Civil and Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Judicial Proceedings involving Aquariums, F.S. 535, 773 Equine, Zoological Facilities, Bears, Elephants, Primates, Marine Mammals, Big Cat, Wildlife and other Federal and F.S. 379 Regulated and Licensed Facilities, Appeals and Judicial Review of State and Federal agency actions. The AVIATION DIVISION provides services to passengers, pilots, aviation powerplant mechanics involving repairs, accidents, collisions, catastrophic injury, investigations by the NTSB, FSDO, and FAA investigations, FAR licensing actions, Medical, Alcohol Substance Abuse, HIMS, criminal prosecutions, FBO Flight Operations. The COMMERCIAL BUSINESS AND EMPLOYMENT DIVISION provides professional legal advice, in civil and criminal prosecution of F.S. 775-896 crimes, Complex Business Litigation services for Negligence, Strict Liability, F.S. 561-568 Alcohol Licensing, F.S. 605-623 Business Organization and Incorporation, Contract Review, Corporate Compliance and Management, Title VII, F.S. 760 Employment, Negotiations, EEO proceedings, Business losses and Insurance claims handling, F.S. 766-774 Risk Management, Property Management and Liability, Arbitration, Mediation, Compliance and Litigation of legal matters affecting Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Taverns, Travel, Tourism and Transportation. The AQUATICS AND HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTORSPORTS DIVISION provides legal services related to compliance, claims handling and complex litigation affecting Marinas, Boating, Scuba Diving Operations, Aquatics Liability, Motor Vehicle Safety and Automobile Liability, Catastrophic Motorcycle Accidents. The STATE AND NATIONAL SECURITY DIVISION protects any home, lawful business activity and corporation, Animal Enterprise, Aquarium, Sanctuary, Zoological Facility, Rehab/Rescue Facilities and Marine Mammal Park against Disruptive Business Practices, and Animal Enterprise Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism, Drone UAS Air Space Intrusions, Clandestine Flight Activities, F.S. 934.50 Invasion of Privacy and threats to Florida and America’s National Security, Federal and F.S. 934 Data Intrusion, and Critical Infrastructure Security.

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